Astrology and Energy Reading & Balancing Practices

You are unique, with a combination of strengths, talents, passions, and a personal history that is yours and yours alone. Both astrology and energy balancing can bring you to a greater state of empowered and compassionate self-knowing, aligning you with your authentic self.

If your deepest desire is to experience your life as something to live fully and joyfully, not as a series of challenges to overcome, I invite you to get a new perspective on yourself and your life through an astrology reading and/or an energy reading and balancing session with me.

My practices are primarily devoted to women, but I will gladly work with men who are referred to me by my existing clients or my professional associates.


Astrology Practice

You are so much more than your sun sign! At any given moment the relative relationship of the planets to the earth, sun, and each other creates a very specific energetic field around the earth and the individuals on it. The exact moment and place of birth is highly significant for it imprints this field in a unique way for the newborn. Read More...

Energy Reading & Balancing Practice

What exactly is the energy that we're balancing? How can balancing our energy improve the quality of our lives? The basic premise of energy balancing techniques spanning many different traditions and cultures is that life force is energy. Read More...

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"Phoebe gave me rich images that caught my imagination and let me enter into a potent healing, co-creative, meaningful relationship with my chakras and their wisdom."
P.K., Jamaica Plain, MA -- energy balancing client
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