"The first thing I am aware of in both Phoebe’s energy balancing sessions & her astrology readings is her presence. She is quietly, gently, respectfully holding a sacred space for my process. The gift and grace in this would be enough, even without the rest of the session continuing. Phoebe's physical touch is tender and safe, her energetic touch profound. I was grateful for her intuitions and her imagery proved helpful in my work with psychospiritual issues. What a tremendous relief to be supported in my healing process by Phoebe’s nonjudgmental, reverent presence. Our sessions have allowed release of what no longer supports me and enhanced ability top be receptive to what life brings."
J.C., Raymond, NH -- astrology and energy balancing client
"The work has been productive and grounding for me. The process has enabled me to have insights that contribute to resolving life issues and problem-solving. Phoebe's interaction is uplifting and inspirational, helping me to be more accepting and kinder to myself. I have come away excited and feel more able to live fully in the moment, on this life journey ... to see where I have come from, and ready to face the challenges before me. I feel able to understand more profoundly the path that I am traveling and co-creating."
K.M., Roxbury, MA -- energy balancing client
"I got the perspective on my present funk that I had hoped for, and it left me lighter and freer of its grip. I love the way you work, which seems to be a hybrid of the astrological, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive. It sure works for me - thank you!"
K.D., Boston, MA -- astrology client
"Each session is a magical, multimedia journey through my own subconscious -- with the kindest and wisest of guides. It's consummate midwifery -- pure in practice, rich in reward."
J.F., Boston, MA -- energy balancing client
"There's no one who has been a more faithfully helpful, accurate, and amazing astrologer than Phoebe. When I first came to her lo those many years ago, it was a revelation and started me on work that has been both challenging and rewarding. I didn't understand until then that I was a whole person and, whatever family circumstances I was born into, I had a path to travel and it was mine. She has been ethical, thoughtful with my questions, and dedicated in her work with me and others I've recommended her to. Astrology, when it's practiced by a skilled, caring person such as Phoebe, is life changing."
K.G., Omaha, NE -- astrology client
"A crystal bowl sings and thrums the air around you, its tone immersing you in vibration that resonates throughout your cells…. This is the beginning of an experience that I call life changing, an energy balancing by Phoebe Aina Allen. She is an intuitive expert who reads and feels the energy in your physical and emotional bodies, and skillfully assists you in opening and clearing your energy field. Using gentle touch and off-body energy clearing techniques, she simultaneously guides you through images and snatches of song or directive that help release the blocks and let light in, illuminating issues so that you can unlock the chains that have shackled you. Energy blockages are real, as I found out firsthand. Therapy, Mindfulness; nothing touched the issue I had with relationships, with choosing someone very wrong for me every time. Then I experienced the energy balancing with Phoebe, and listened to the messages that came through her from the universe, and finally got it. My heart was still broken after 35 years. I shed tears that I’d thought had dried up long ago about an issue that I’d thought long gone. It turns out it was still inside of me, locked up with my heart in a box, a significant energy blockage that needed attention. Without Phoebe’s work with my energy field I wouldn’t have realized this, wouldn’t have attained the relief of energy coursing more freely through my heart, through every chakra. Energy balancing is very real, not “woo-woo.” Scientists have found that everything we believe to be substance is actually whirling manifestations of energy, including the cells that make up a human body. The unencumbered flow of energy through us is crucial to our health in body, mind, heart and soul. I’d recommend Phoebe Aina Allen to anyone who wants to work on allowing all the good in the universe into their life. Clear your energy field and… allow."
D.H., West Yarmouth, MA -- astrology and energy balancing client
"Phoebe was deeply present with me, read my story with great insight and clarity. She helped me see my life and goals in the larger frame of my overall well-being and spiritual purpose. Phoebe is skilled in using a wide range of healing modalities and resources. She provided me a very safe, caring, and confidence-inspiring experience, most helpful."
P.W., Cambridge, MA -- energy balancing client
"Phoebe gave me rich images that caught my imagination and let me enter into a potent healing, co-creative, meaningful relationship with my chakras and their wisdom."
P.K., Jamaica Plain, MA -- energy balancing client
"Phoebe is wide open to the images from my soul's deepest recesses. She is a truly profound healer and a real open heart!"
L.M., Quincy, MA -- energy balancing client
"I have been working with Phoebe since 1995. I have received semiannual astrology readings and, while living in Boston, almost weekly energy balancing.over the span of three years. Even with a limited budget I keep on coming. Working with Phoebe has been life changing…down to my DNA and then through manifestation of my heart’s desires. If you want to live from your authentic self and manifest a full and happy life, contact her now."
K.G., San Francisco, CA -- astrology and energy balancing client
"For my first time getting my astrological chart read, it was definitely a very positive experience. Walking into the house, I immediately felt welcomed and put at ease by Phoebe and the environment. I was intrigued by the work that went into setting up the chart and the amount of information Phoebe was then able to share with me. Her explanations of how and what planets affected me and why were thorough, and her assessment of my personality through these alignments lined up eerily accurately with the perception I had of myself. The reading was in-depth and I came away with a renewed clarity as to why and who I am and with a guideline for possible things to come. It was truly eye-opening and best of all, it was recorded so I can replay the experience whenever I want to, which I have already on several occasions. I would definitely recommend a reading with Phoebe to anyone looking for some clarity, insight, and future possibilities."
J.M., Bear, DE -- astrology client
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"Phoebe gave me rich images that caught my imagination and let me enter into a potent healing, co-creative, meaningful relationship with my chakras and their wisdom."
P.K., Jamaica Plain, MA -- energy balancing client
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