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December 3th, 2014

Winter Specials

It's the time of the year when our culture says that we must go into frenzy mode to prepare for the holidays, even as Nature, in the increasing quietude of an earth that is going into a cycle of deep rest, calls us to be more internally focused. No wonder we feel stressed!

This winter, to encourage you in taking better care of yourself, I am offering two Self-Care Packages:

1) A natal chart reading (or review for those for whom I've already done a reading) with a discussion of your transits/progressions through the summer plus an energy reading & balancing sessions for $220 (a $270 value)

2) If you are interested in a series of energy reading and balancing sessions (each builds on the last and creates cumulative benefits), the second package consists of four sessions for $420 (a $480 value)

And just a reminder: I have recently begun doing energy reading & balancing sessions via Skype for those who live a distance from Boston. Clients have said that the Skype sessions produce the same benefits as the sessions we did when they lived in Boston.

These packages are designed as gifts for yourself, but may be given as gifts for friends or family members. However, it's best if you know that they'd be delighted with the gift rather than puzzled by it!

I have extended this special until the first day of spring, March 20, 2015.

Have a peaceful winter!

December 3th, 2014

Energy Reading & Balancing via Skype

I have started doing energy reading & balancing sessions via Skype with clients who live in other states and countries. According to them, they are receiving the same benefits as those who come to my house for the work. (One of them is a long-time client who moved to California.)

All that is needed is a quiet and private space where you won't be interrupted for about two hours, a computer, and a pair of ear buds or headphones so that you can lie down comfortably during the session.

As with astrology readings for clients who can't come to Boston, pre-payment via PayPal is required before the session.

June 27th, 2014

Your referrals earn you a discount -

If you refer three people to me and they make an appointment, your next reading or energy reading & balancing will be half price.

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"Phoebe gave me rich images that caught my imagination and let me enter into a potent healing, co-creative, meaningful relationship with my chakras and their wisdom."
P.K., Jamaica Plain, MA -- energy balancing client
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