The Lens of Astrology

Posted on September 8th, 2014 (0 Comments)

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As a practicing astrologer for close to 40 years, I have become adept at the language and symbology of this ancient lens on life. I am not here to argue with anyone who might question or challenge me to explain why the movements of the planets, sun, and moon in our solar system have an influence on life on earth, both collectively and individually. I only know from my own long experience that this particular lens on life is remarkably synchronous with what actually transpires in the course of a person's life.

The psychological profile and personality analysis that a well interpreted natal chart affords (calculated using date, time, and place of birth) can provide as much -- or more -- insight in a much shorter period of time than psychotherapy. Clients often remark on this after they have had their first chart reading with me.

Is astrology my only lens on life? Absolutely not. But when I find myself or loved ones experiencing a more-than-average amount of stress, anxiety, challenging events, or even "happy accidents," out of curiosity I will see what transits (the angles or aspects the planets as they are currently positioned make in relation to the person's natal chart) are occurring. Invariably, there is a synchroncity where the circumstances mirror the transits.

The real gift of astrology, other than the insights it offers, is that it provides remarkably accurate timing. In other words, both positive and challenging periods (both of which provide opportunities for psychological, spiritual, and emotional growth) are of a limited duration, and astrology can tell one what that duration is and how best to use those opportunities.

As with most systems constructed by humans, astrology is but one lens to help us make sense of an overwhelmingly complex world and our place in it. I, and many others, find using this lens incredibly helpful as we navigate this mystery called life.

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