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You are so much more than your sun sign! At any given moment the relative relationship of the planets to the earth, sun, and each other creates a very specific energetic field around the earth and the individuals on it. The exact moment and place of birth is highly significant for it imprints this field in a unique way for the newborn.

For thousands of years, astrologers have observed and noted the personalities and behavior patterns of people born under the influence of certain planetary configurations.

Astrology has also historically been used to predict world events and the state of mind of entire nations. One of astrology’s greatest gifts is to provide us with a way of determining the right time to move ahead with a project. Again, this has been used by leaders of nations as well as individuals for millenia.

Different Kinds of Readings and Their Uses

Astrology is an invaluable tool for anyone who is working toward becoming her or his authentic self. An analysis of one’s natal (birth) chart fosters self-acceptance by objectively delineating one’s strengths and weaknesses. However, our personalities are not written in stone. The chart and the individual evolve over time, and this evolution can be seen in the analysis of planetary transits and progressions to the natal chart.

Especially useful during periods of transition, an astrological reading outlining the natal chart and current and upcoming planetary influences (transits and progressions) as they are likely to affect one can help clarify situations, reveal options, and determine the best time to pursue one’s goals.

For those grappling with the challenges of a relationship - be it romantic, platonic, work-related, or familial - a composite and comparison of the natal charts of the individuals involved can give amazing insight into the hidden as well as the obvious dynamics of the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to have an astrological reading?

A: As a tool for self-understanding and self-acceptance, a natal chart (birth chart) reading is always timely. The discussion of transits and progressions are especially useful during major life transitions (relocating, job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, empty-nest syndrome, or any event that feels disorienting or emotionally overwhelming).

Q: How can I find out my exact time of birth?
A: Ask your family members first. Someone is likely to know. If that is not possible, the time is often recorded on the birth certificate. Also, cities and towns keep birth records, some of which include birth times. Hospitals, too, often keep records of births in their archives.

Q: What if my attempts to find out my exact time of birth fail. Can I still have an astrological reading?
A: Yes. Astrologers use a method known as rectification to calculate the time of birth. I will ask you the dates of major life events such as births and deaths of significant people in your life; marriages and separations; accidents; illnesses; periods of depression; times of increased responsibility related to work or family; major changes in life circumstances. With this information I can construct a highly accurate birth chart.

Q: Can compatibility with another person be determined by a reading?
A: Yes, it can. For the greatest degree of accuracy, the exact time of birth for each individual is necessary. My readings for two individuals, whatever the nature of their relationship (partners, parent-child, business partners, therapist-client, etc.), also include an assessment of what transits are occurring in each chart at the time of the consultation. Compatibility can be seriously compromised, despite the positive natal and composite chart indicators, if one or the other of the individuals has not dealt with his or her issues and/or is undergoing stressful transits.

Q: Can I have a reading if I live in a different geographic location?

A: Absolutely. My office is in Boston, but many of my clients live far away. I like the reading to involve dialogue between us because you get more out of it that way, so if you cannot come in person to my office, I prefer to use Skype. I can also use a speaker phone for telephone sessions.

Q: After my first natal chart reading, how often should I have a reading?

A: Most people find that having a reading twice a year is perfect. This allows them to use the information regarding the changing transits and progressions to the natal chart for their maximum benefit. We can review how you've used the energy of the transits and progressions over the past six months and plan the best strategies for using the current and upcoming influences for the next six months.

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